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Cascade Mental Health Project

Sometimes I need to forget the ‘day rate’ (or half day) and do what is needed to get the best images possible.  Such was the case with this recent shoot for South Sound Business magazine.

The first thing to do when scheduling an architectural shoot is to check weather forecasts and fit openings of decent weather into the busy calendar.  This was done in coordination with the building owner representative and the builder. I was set to travel to Centralia for a morning shoot, about an hour South of Tacoma, Washington.

When I arrived, there was fog cover which would later dissipate.  I worked on the interior shots.  By 11:am the fog was still persisting so I took a break, went to lunch and came back as I saw the fog lifting.  Since this was shot in March, Spring, mid-day light was just fine and I got some shots of the exterior. They were nice. But in talking with the on-site project foreman I found out the building had some interesting exterior lights which made it look pretty nice after hours.

I drove back to the studio, making use of the waiting time, and returned 5 hours later to shoot the evening light exteriors, with the help of the project foreman, who agreed to come back, to make sure the lights would be on inside.

In the end the builder was happy, the magazine was happy and the architect in Seattle was happy.  That made me happy too. 

I love doing hero shots, but I also want to make plenty of images that can be used creating proposals and presentations, showing the quality and creativity of my clients.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about a photo project, you can email me at:  I'll try to answer as quickly as possible.

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