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The Professional Process


What To Expect From A Photo Shoot With Dane

With each assignment, I aim to create images that meet your design needs and at the same time have artistic merit on their own. I want to provide my clients with images that are more than just sufficient—I want to create images that have “IT”—that certain something that sets them above all the rest. Light is my main tool, and I use it to bring drama and life to a structure or a face.

When I take on a project, I consider it a business-to-business relationship as well as an artistic effort. I am most gratified when my work contributes to your success. I strive to build long-term working relationships that get more and more productive over time.

I value cooperation, collaboration, and communication. I take each assignment very seriously, and I make sure that each shoot results in a number of images that fill your needs and exceed your expectations. Many of my clients tell me that they enjoy working with me, and I have a high rate of steady, repeating clients.




What Client's Often Want To Know

Q.  Do you travel?
A. Yes. My local areas are Seattle/Tacoma, Washington and the Monterey Peninsula in California. However, I am happy to travel elsewhere to meet the needs of my clients.

Q.  Will your images be high enough resolution for publication in magazines?
A. Yes. My work is frequently published in print magazines and prints very well.

Q.  Once I have an image, can I share it with or sell it to someone else?
A. No. This is a violation of copyright law. Unless specifically negotiated otherwise, the image remains the property of the photographer. The client is buying the right to use the image in certain ways. This does not include reselling the photo to others for their use.


Feel free to call me if you have other questions. I’m a friendly guy and I’ll enjoy talking to you!