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Dane Gregory Meyer | DGM Photography Studio

Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Olympia, Spokane

Architectural and People Photographer



Images are powerful. They reach people on an immediate, subliminal level, beneath the words, the logic and the reasoning. They connect on an emotional level. That's the reason to use them in your business. To connect with your customers, your audiences. To let them know what you can do for them. To help them make the decision that YOU are the one to provide the service or product they need.

But not just any images. They need to be the right images, the right angles, the right light, the right composition. Compelling, beautiful visuals that only an experienced commercial photographer can provide. You may only have one opportunity to connect with your audience. Don't waste that opportunity.

Whether your intended audience is a market demographic of thousands or just one influential person, make sure your company's images grab their emotions. Show them the heart and soul of your business. Tell a story that inspires them to call you.


"His work is always extraordinary--infused with emotions, energy and narrative."


Architectural Photography, People Photography

Dane Gregory Meyer is an architectural and people photographer based in Tacoma, Washington but serving a nation-wide clientele. Dane has over 30 years of professional experience behind the lens. His artistry and client-centered approach combine to create commercial photography that is both beautiful and effective for its primary purpose: helping businesses succeed.

Dane's collaborative, client-centered approach combine with his artistry to create photographs that make his clients stand out, win awards and meet marketing (and hence financial) goals. As a commercial photographer, he focuses on serving other businesses. In particular, he currently concentrates on design professionals; advertising and marketing professionals; architects; developers and builders; health organizations; and banks. This focus has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the needs of these industries and allows him to create images that have high impact on their intended viewers.

His natural, classic, elegant photographic style is an ideal fit for most businesses and large non-profit organizations. His photographs won't ever look dated, as trendier, gimmicky work can. You'll get years of use out of Dane's high-impact images.


"… an artist with a keen eye and a sophisticated aesthetic to match."


Experience, Professionalism in Commercial Photography

You'll also find that working with Dane is enjoyable. His 30 years of experience shine through. You won't get any fussy prima donna behavior; he'll feel like a friendly, down-to-earth, reliable, efficient part of your team. He's a creative problem solver, too, a skill he applies both to his image-making and to more global project challenges that may come up. His goal is to form long-term, helpful relationships with his clients by understanding and meeting their visual needs, making the photography process an easy and enjoyable experience, and providing them with stunning, beautiful images that help their businesses thrive.

Dane has a commercial photography studio in Tacoma, Washington, where he can do in-studio work. He also regularly travels for shoots in Seattle, Bellevue, Spokane and Olympia, as well as points south in Oregon and California. He is happy to accommodate clients by travel to locations anywhere in North America.


"… an easy and comfortable demeanor that allows people to shine in front of his camera."


Have a browse through the site to get a sense of Dane's work. You might also enjoy looking at his Facebook or Instagram.

Then, if you've got a project you're thinking about, give Dane a call, a text or an email and find out how he can help you meet your organization's goals. Dane's a friendly guy and he likes to help people!


"…friendly, accommodating attitude."  "always a professional…"


Greater Seattle Commercial Photographer | People And Architectural Photography

Powerful Photographs That Make Your Business Stand Out


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