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About Dane Gregory Meyer

Commercial Photography | Seattle-Tacoma area |

Washington, Oregon, California


Dane Gregory Meyer is a West Coast photographer based in the Seattle-Tacoma, Washington area. He has been shooting commercially full time since 1988.Dane Gregory Meyer, commercial photographer, Seattle-Tacoma, Washington

His work focuses on people and architecture. He's served many leading businesses, organizations, architects, designers, developers, contractors, artisans, artists, publications and ad agencies. His work has often brought his clients both regional and national awards.

Simplicity is a hallmark of both Dane’s work and his work methods. His naturalistic style eschews the fussy, the over-planned and over-processed, the trendy. Instead, he embraces a classic, “less is more” approach that seeks to reveal the deep truth of faces and things.

While Dane uses digital technology and computer post-production to perfect his images and expedite the process for clients,  he relies on old-school photographic arts and skills--lighting, composition, camera angles--as the foundation for his work.  

Dane is proud of being a client-centered photographer who understands the business and marketing needs of his customers and creates images that meet both these needs and his own high artistic standards. He's a creative problem-solver who enjoys digging into both creative and logistical challenges. His enjoyment of the business-to-business work relationship, business-like approach and amiable working style support long-term working relationships with clients. He does all photography and post-production himself, which allows him to maintain the highest standards.

Dane also shoots fine-arts images and is an active part of the local arts community. He served on the Tacoma Arts Commission for seven years and has donated photographic services to local arts organizations for decades.

He has been largely influenced by the greats—Ruth Bernhard, Brett Weston, Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham. Dane has studied with Ruth Bernhard, Judy Dater and others. His business, DG Studio, holds a private collection of photographs by each of these artists.

In 1992 he took an exhibit of Pacific Northwest fine-arts photography to Vladivostok, Russia, and hosted an exchange exhibit in Tacoma. Vladivostok had been closed to both Russian and foreign visitors for many decades, and the exhibit there was part of the celebration of its opening.