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Copyright & Use Info For Photographs


It's in the best interests of both photographers and their clients to understand copyright law regarding photography.

Here's my layman's explanation. In short, the copyright and ownership for every image belongs to the photographer or studio. Neither the person/ business who engages the photographer's services or the subject of a photo have legal rights to the image, unless they are specifically granted to them by the photographer. What the client purchases is a license to use the image(s), in a limited or unlimited manner, as negotiated with the photographer.Dane Meyer's Wista 4x5 Field Camera at DG Studio, Tacoma, Washington

My usual licensing arrangement with my clients is generous: unlimited use by the client. This means that clients can use the images however they see fit, EXCEPT that they cannot sell the images to others.

This issue is most likely to come up in a shoot where the subject is a collaborative effort, such as a building. For example, if you are a builder and you engage me to photograph a house you built, you would be able to use the resulting images for marketing in any way you choose. You wouldn't be able to sell use of the images to sub-contractors, designers or others who worked on the home. If they wished to have use of particular images from the shoot, they would need to negotiate that with me directly.

This is standard procedure in the commercial photography world.

Here is a link to a website that explains copyright law in more detail.

Of course, you should always seek expert professional advice if you have questions.