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People Photography

  • Mission Man, Tacoma Rescue Mission
  • Boys and Cats, Vladivostok Russia
  • Study of Alzheimer's, Gig Harbor, WA
  • Beauty and the Mature Woman, Susan
  • Beauty and the Mature Woman, Ann
  • Beauty and the Mature Woman, Jeri



Photographing people is one of Dane's commercial photography specialties. It is also one of his artistic passions. He loves capturing people in their environment, whether working intently or interacting with others. He also has many commercial clients who depend on his more formal individual and group portraiture.


"I have always been interested in people's faces," Dane observes. "My favorite thing is seeing behind the public mask that we all wear to something genuine and essential about a person, and capturing that. My sense is that I have to make a real connection with a person, sometimes in a split second, in order to do that. We all need public personas to function in the world, but they're usually conventions and not really as interesting. But the genuine, honest uniqueness of a person--it's always fascinating and beautiful, and it always commands attention.


"Going even further, beneath the uniqueness of each face," he continues, "is the common humanity that we all share. If you can tap into both of those things--the uniqueness and the universality--you've got a photograph that is very vivid, that stands out to viewers. Our lives are so saturated with images and media, photos really have to stand out now.


"Every single photograph of every single person presents its own challenges, whether that's the interpersonal challenge of working with a camera-shy person, or the technical challenges of balancing daylight with artificial light, contrasting intensities, etc.  Photographing people requires that you excel both technically and in relating to people: making them comfortable, helping them let go of negative self-images they may have, bringing out their individual spark and light, and letting them forget the camera.


"In commercial photography, you have the additional challenge of making sure the photographs represent the corporate brand and fulfill the business or marketing purpose of the shoot. It's a complicated brew, and there's a lot to keep in your mind as you're clicking away. I have over 30 years of experience as a professional photographer. As in any profession, you improve over time--not just technically, though that's important, but also in your ability to manage the social, artistic and commercial complexities of a shoot."


Dane Meyer has a studio in Tacoma, Washington, where he does studio portraits. He also shoots on location throughout Washington, Oregon and California, as well as beyond. Give him a call at 253-572-9809 to talk about your photography needs.