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Commercial Photography Services

Dane Gregory Meyer |  Commercial Photographer

Greater Seattle Area


As a commercial photographer, I specialize in providing businesses with architectural interior and exterior photography and people photography. (For established clients I sometimes supply photographic services beyond this.) I do both in-studio and on-location work.

Dane Gregory Meyer, commercial photography, Seattle WashingtonI'm an artist, but also a business person. I enjoy the business-to-business working relationship and believe that my sole focus on commercial photography helps me provide the best possible services to my clients. I value communication and collaboration and am proud of providing my customers with beautiful images that fulfill their business and marketing aims.

My immediate service area includes Washington, Oregon and California. I am happy to travel anywhere in the world to meet my clients' needs.

A studio and gallery located in Tacoma, Washington across from a large, iconic public park and blocks from down-town. Capabilities for indoor people photography as well as small objects.

I have six professional quality camera bodies, a multitude of lenses, four lighting systems for specific uses, studio backdrops and a host of other professional equipment needed for commercial photography. In addition, I have full Photoshop capabilities and years of experience using this complex software.

I am happy to help you with logistical challenges relating to photography we've scheduled, such scouting locations and project management.

Two weeks notice is adequate to schedule most shoots. If you have an emergency, it’s worth giving me a call with less notice, especially if the shoot is to be a half-day or less. I do my best to meet client's scheduling needs.

Call for a day rate. Depending on location, there may also be half-day rates.

POST-PRODUCTION (Image Enhancement)
The cost of the shoot includes post-production work (perfecting images on the computer). This allows me to take the raw photographic material and turn it into truly breath-taking images that meet clients' specific design and marketing needs. I do all post-production myself, rather than subbing it out to contractors who may not meet my standards, or who may miss subtleties that take a raw photo from good to great.

I deliver images via 'Drop Box,' or on a CD or DVD disk, in full resolution. I have never missed a client's deadline.

When you need photography, you have an idea of what that need is. It is helpful to me if you communicate that need to me in as much detail as possible prior to the shoot. You can download my intake form here. You can fill it out, or just use it to help you get clear about your photographic needs and specifications prior to our discussions about your job.

Early on in our relationship, it is helpful to have you or your marketing representative at the shoot to have dialog and interactive cooperation about the project as it unfolds. This helps me to get the best possible results for you. As our relationship develops and I get to know your needs, style, and preferences, it is usually not as necessary for you to be present at the shoot (though you are always welcome).

Model releases are necessary when photography is being done for commercial purposes and people in the images are identifiable. Some places, such as an individual’s private home, can also require releases.

You can download my standard model release as a PDF by clicking here.